Your skincare closet curated

With full agendas, our skincare routine must adapt to our busy lifestyles while incorporating healthy habits to undo all the additional stress and exposure to pollution. Gone are the days of misting, masking, toning, and seruming. We needed quick results and minimal hassle to create a great skincare routine that doesn't have to be complicated; the formula is what matters! Creating a curated skincare wardrobe will free up space and time, not to mention save you cash! No matter our age or skin type, the key aim of a skincare routine is to protect the skin from the environment and prevent further damage. Products containing ingredients backed by science in their right concentration will always benefit every skin type, gender, and age: Vitamins A (Retinoids), Vitamin C, Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), Ceramides, Peptides, and Hyaluronic Acid are some of our favorites! When selecting products, always listen to your skin! Our skin's needs change depending on the day, the time of year, and where we are in the world. Also, avoid using products with ingredients that increase the risk of irritation. Key ingredients that cause purging are essential oils, fragrances, harsh preservatives, silicones, and drying alcohols. Less is more when it comes to a healthy glow; using too many products increases the risk of oversaturating your skin and ruining your skin barrier. 


1) Declutter skincare products with more than 6 months of being opened: They are not effective anymore!

2) Determine your needs; it's best to consider your lifestyle and needs before selecting items to keep or purchase. After establishing your goals for your skincare, you will focus on the essentials. For example, if you're an avid makeup wearer, you will need a more potent cleanser. Also, if you spend a lot of time outside, an SPF will be crucial to add to your daily regime. 

3) Do your research and choose products based on their formulation. We know it's tempting to purchase beauty items based on the claims on the box, but take the time to figure out if this new item lends itself to what you're looking to get out of it. Examine the ingredients list (read our blog post on how to read skincare labels) to see if a product is worth holding space in your cabinet.