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skincare doesn't need to be complicated

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Reusable Cotton PadsReusable Cotton Pads
Reusable Cotton Pads Sale price$22.00

8 count pack

Gua Sha ToolGua Sha Tool
Gua Sha Tool Sale price$16.00

face massage tool


"a very “skinimalism” brand that is doing it right (bonus: they didn’t forget about the sensitive skin types!) via very chic packaging and the ingredient list."

 "a skincare brand with the goal of providing a luxury, multistep skincare routine without relying on a high number of products for healthy skin. In other words, it's a unique, minimalistic approach to skincare."

"founded on the basis of simple skincare, Lendava offers clean beauty products that deliver results without compromising your health. these products promote health and longevity."

"The sleek, spherical packaging keeps the planet in mind, too, with a refillable design for less waste."

"Simple and sweet and super chic, Lendava creams are the perfect fix for my no-nonsense, albeit at times lazy, regimen."