Gua Sha Tool

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This simple lifting tool is perfect for learning and mastering the basic techniques of gua sha massage. It will help soothe tight muscles, reinvigorate circulation and improve the appearance of congested skin.

After applying your face cream/oil, gently stroke the tool outwards along your chin, cheeks, eyes and brows, concentrating on areas of tension.  Store it in the fridge between uses to level up the soothing and cooling benefits. 

· Suitable for every skin type

· Combats build-up in pores

Natural Jade stone


  1. Improves circulation

  2. Combats build-up in pores

  3. Soothes tight muscles

  4. De-puffs eyes


Centered around giving your muscles a workout rather than a facial.

Inspired by the Chinese ritual of gua sha.

It's meditative and relaxing, so use it to wind down in the evening and relieve the day's stress.



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