Summer Skincare with Founder Priscila Fadul


As summer rolls out, our skin is faced with harsh UV, infrared, and blue-light rays leaving our skin dry, damaged, and in constant need of replenishment. Our bodies' is the first line of defense against harsh external factors, making it crucial to stay hydrated. Below, we curated a guide to keeping your skin hydrated and healthy, regardless of skin type.

Sun Protection is Key: Please wear your sunscreen, and ensure it is mineral-based as this prevents long-term sun exposure without clogging our pores. When using SPFs with chemicals, you're risking your chance of exacerbating melasma which turns your sun spots darker. In fact, many know the importance of applying sunscreen when in direct sunlight; What is not as well known, however, is highly crucial even on the gloomiest of days, and that's because even on the darkest days, the sun's harmful UV rays can sink into your skin leading to premature aging over time by causing a process known as collagen degradation. 

Tanned Skin isn't glamorous: In fact, it’s nature's way of warning that your skin is being damaged by UV rays. Sunbathing speeds the aging process, causing wrinkles and sunspots, and even more importantly, increasing your risk of skin cancer!  

Lighten up your skincare routine: Skincare shouldn't require a multiple-step regime. With Lendavas' mission, we've made this easy for you. Our products only contain the finest ingredients used to create maximum effect. 

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