The Truth About Eye Creams

All the marketing hype you’ve heard about how eye creams are “specially formulated” for the sensitive skin around the eyes and that they can get rid of dark circles is, for the most part, simply not true.

Eye creams use the same essential ingredients that benefit the skin on your entire face. So any good face cream should contain the same high-quality ingredients for the skin as those that would benefit your under-eye area. Therefore, there is no reason to distinguish a face cream from an eye cream. 

When it comes to moisturizing your skin, reducing wrinkles, building collagen and improving skin tone, the skin needs the same ingredients, whether that skin is around your eyes or elsewhere on your face.

But what about the claim that eye creams are better for the delicate skin in the eye area?  Every part of the face needs stable, high-efficacy, and gentle ingredients. Why would you want to put potentially irritating ingredients on your cheeks or chin? It doesn’t make any sense that only your eye area should get the good, non-irritating ingredients. Ironically, many eye creams contain irritating ingredients such as fragrances, essential oils, and alcohol-based formulas–all things we chose to not include in our Savvy Duo creams. The ball end of the Lendava applicator is even meant to be used in massaging your under-eye area.

Also, remember that most brands would like you to buy more products when in reality you can minimize your routine to just a few products with the best formulas. That’s why when it comes to skincare, it’s all about finding well formulated products, whether it’s in your eye cream or your face cream!