The More You Wash Your Face, The Better? No, no, no!

Your face is not as dirty as you think. You don't have to overdo it as the skin can naturally balance itself. Actually, the more you wash your face, you do more harm than good for your skin.


Over-washing your face, especially with harsh cleansers, can dry out and irritate the skin while stripping its natural microbiome and throwing its pH levels out of balance.

That is why I am a big believer that cleansing once daily is sufficient, and only at night. If you use skin–friendly ingredients during your evening routine and go to sleep on a clean pillow, you will wake up without having anything to cleanse off. Some evening creams include silicones or heavy occlusive ingredients which may require a morning cleanse, which is why we made sure to formulate the Good Night cream with only clean, microbiome-friendly ingredients. Therefore, you can start the new day with just your Good Morning cream. 

Remember, “less is more” is always the way to go with your skin.