How to improve sensitive skin

by Priscila Fadul


You’ve probably heard the words normal, combination, oily and sensitive when it comes to skin. These categories describe the most common skin types. However, sensitivity is a skin condition, not a type you’re stuck with. That means you can improve sensitive skin and attain better, healthier skin in the process.

To improve sensitive skin, you must address the root of the problem: a weak skin barrier. Keep reading for more information about sensitive skin and how you can improve it.

What is sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is just skin that is more reactive than usual. Sensitive skin may cause burning, stinging, tightening, or uncomfortable sensations. Visual cues of sensitivity are redness, patches, and flakes.

These symptoms are triggered by elements like the sun or cold air, but also everyday encounters like detergents, air fresheners and pollution. Internal triggers like hormones, stress, and diet enhance sensitivity.

Sensitive skin is a symptom of an underlying condition. If your skin is irritated and inflamed, it’s your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong.

So why does skin get “sensitive?”

What causes sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin happens when the nerve endings in the top layer of skin become irritated. This irritation happens when the skin’s natural barrier is weakened or broken down.

Many factors weaken the skin’s natural barrier, but the most common culprit are skincare products. Many common skincare products are badly formulated making sensitive skin even worse. Think of it like junk food for the skin.

To fix sensitive skin, you must fix your skin barrier. Let’s talk about that next.

How to improve sensitive skin

To fix sensitive skin, follow these steps to improve your skin’s barrier and reduce the signs of sensitivity once and for all.

Step away from your skin regime

You can’t get to the bottom of your skin issues until you know exactly what’s causing it. Start by stepping away from your current beauty routine. Don’t overexpose sensitive skin to more products! Layering too many ingredients on a broken or weak skin barrier worsens issues. Shelf your army of skincare products and take a break.

Test products one by one

One by one, slowly reintroduce products to your skin - if at all. Most skincare products are formulated for people with a healthy skin barrier, not for those with sensitive skin. By testing products one at a time, you can see which are causing any additional irritation and eliminate them.

Resume with a minimalist routine

Less is more! A highly effective, successful skincare routine doesn’t require many products. Instead, opt for a minimalist regime of just one or two hero products, like Lendava's GOOD MORNING  day cream and Lendava's GOOD NIGHT night cream, that promote healthy skin. These products contain a powerful combination of the ideal daily ingredients that will benefit your skin, regardless of your skin type, gender or age! They will add value to the health of your skin without disrupting it's natural functionality. Remember, your skincare routine doesn't need to be complicated. The formula is what matters.

Enjoy healthy skin through a healthy lifestyle

Truly healthy skin goes deeper than the products in your bathroom. You - and your skin - need to choose a healthy lifestyle overall for maximum effects. Drinking plenty of water, limiting sun exposure, eating a healthy diet and balancing stress levels all go a long way to support healthier, glowing skin. Coupled with smarter, more minimalist decisions in your beauty routine, your soon-to-be-not-so-sensitive skin will thank you!