Skincare benefits improve more than aesthetics; Here’s why!

by Priscila Fadul


Many believe that investing in beauty is vain. In my opinion, you’re investing in much more than your skin; you’re investing in your life.

There is so much more to be gained from proper skincare than better selfies. Dedicating time for your skin and investing in the way you look helps improve life overall. How? Just keep reading.

The science behind attraction and confidence

We can’t help it. We’re biologically programmed to find better skin more attractive. Why?

Facial attractiveness provides signals of biological quality. Glowing, smooth skin is a sign of health, so we’re naturally more inclined to find those with it more attractive.

A scientific journal found that blemishes have a negative effect on attractiveness and health, but more importantly, also trustworthiness, competence, and maturity.

Not only does poor skin affect our own confidence, it skews others’ views of us too. To increase your confidence, it helps to invest in your appearance.

Why should you invest in your appearance?

It’s all about confidence. People who look good on the outside feel better on the inside, but it’s not just feelings. Those who possess more self-confidence and pride actually perform better. In fact, studies show that confidence matters just as much as one’s abilities.

You can reap some serious rewards for being more comfortable in your own skin. Other researchers have proved that when people think they’re more attractive, they believe they belong to a higher social class, regardless of their current status.

With a boost in confidence, you improve communication, performance, social interactions and more. By investing in yourself, you’re proving to the world that you respect yourself. You also promote the idea that you deserve respect from others.

The right skincare improves your skin’s health

Taking time to care for your skin has a myriad of benefits. Aside from improving your self-confidence, it’s a soothing, calming regime that can be treated as a daily self-love practice.

A regular skincare routine also improves skin’s health. It protects your skin from the environment’s free radicals. It also eliminates toxins, increases your skin’s natural radiance, and repairs a weak skin barrier.

You don’t need a multi-step skincare routine to reap the benefits. Just one hero product (that replaces 5 products from a normal skincare routine) can make a big difference at the start and end of your day. Lendava's face creams contain a powerful combination of the ideal daily ingredients usually found on serums, moisturizers, oils and eye creams.

MORE skincare doesn’t equal more confidence

Besides promoting your natural well-being and supporting a healthier skin barrier, using less products might even improve your confidence.

Let me explain.

The beauty industry is a paradox. The miracle products we use certainly enhance our appearance, but their effects are short-term. When we wash them off, that “beautiful person” washes away too.

Our self-image worsens the more beauty products and treatments we implement. We need to believe that we are beautiful because WE are, not because of the products we use.

True beauty comes from within and the benefits of good skin run deeper than surface-level. Self-confidence and self-respect shines much brighter than a highlighter or perfect lipstick shade. You need to find a skincare regime that helps YOUR skin become the star.

Make skincare a priority so you - and others - can enjoy the many benefits of truly healthy skin!