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Article: Why the beauty industry needs microbiome skincare more than ever

Why the beauty industry needs microbiome skincare more than ever

Why the beauty industry needs microbiome skincare more than ever

by Priscila Fadul


Less is more, except when it comes to the beauty industry. We love to go above and beyond with a different beauty product for every concern imaginable. But what if great skin doesn’t require a cabinet filled with products? That’s where microbiome skincare comes in.

Modern skincare interrupts your skin’s cycle rather than leveraging its natural superpowers. Here’s everything you need to know about the next big thing in beauty: microbiome skincare. I’ll cover what it is, why it’s important, and how to get the best skin of your life without spending your life savings at Sephora.

What is microbiome skincare?

Let’s first define what your skin’s microbiome is. Essentially, it’s the ecosystem of your skin consisting of thousands of bacterias, fungi, microbes and more. This breeding ground is entirely natural and actually good for your skin.

Many of these microorganisms are the same that live within your gut, so some researchers believe that gut and skin health are biologically linked. A healthy microbiome means healthy skin that’s able to stay hydrated and clear on its own.

After millions of years of evolution, the skin knows how to take care of itself. Without products, your skin innately cleanses, moisturizes, exfoliates, heals, and protects itself.

Microbiome skincare takes this into account. It aims to restore and keep your skin close to its natural state. That means less products - which doesn’t make the beauty industry happy.

Modern skincare fuels shopping, not your skin

The beauty industry is worth $49.2B, with skincare making up 40% of it. An industry of that magnitude wasn’t built from a “less is more” philosophy. Instead, modern products are designed to make our skin dependent on them. We are conditioned to use products to supplement our skin with the very nutrients we’re stripping from it in the first place.

Beauty marketing has bred us to think that oils, like sebum, and natural skin byproducts are bad when in reality: healthy skin needs them. Rather than creating better skin, we’re disrupting and weakening our microbiome, which in turn, makes us shop for more.

How do you better support your microbiome?

Scientists can predict your age within a few years based on your microbiome. So how do you help your skin’s microbiome live its best life? Here are a few tips.

Clean out your product cabinet

Try to cut out extra products altogether. Your skin doesn’t need 20 different creams and serums. The skincare products you invest in should be effective and all-encompassing, solving multiple skin concerns at once.

Choose products that support the microbiome

Byrdie says microbiome skincare is the next big thing. Thankfully, more products are coming out with fewer ingredients. Unnecessary ingredients only increase the chance of irritation and microbiome disruption.

Brands, like Lendava, are prioritizing real skin health, not buzz words. Lendava’s products work in favor of the skin by empowering its inherent functions. They are formulated to support the skin to perform as it does best: naturally.

Focus on long-term results, not quick fixes

Beauty standards today focus on short-term appearance and immediate results. Instead, we need to set our sights on the long-game.

Think twice before using trendy beauty ingredients as trendy oils and extracts. While these ingredients do produce immediate results, they have negative long-term effects. These culprits increase sun sensitivity which sharpens the aging process. Instead, focus on healthier skin overall. In turn, you’ll diminish fine lines in the process. Lendava products set the sight on the long game, offering a minimalistic routine containing a powerful combination of the ideal daily ingredients that will benefit your skin. Remember, in skincare, less is more!

Prioritize healthier lifestyle choices

The best skin doesn’t just crave microbiome-friendly products. It also requires healthier choices in your diet and lifestyle. To keep your skin barrier in tip top shape, make smarter lifestyle choices, like:

✨ Eating your daily dose of Omega-3 fatty acids

✨ Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water

✨ Amping up your internal antioxidants with regular exercise

✨ Making time for plenty of ZZZ’s at night

✨ Balancing stress and hormones by prioritizing mindfulness

With a simpler skincare routine, you save time, money and energy. Think of how these savings can be dedicated to other forms of self-care! It’s finally time to rid ourselves of things that do more harm than good.

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