An Insider Look at Lendava’s Intimate Event

Priscila Fadul, Vita Sidorkina

Lendava celebrated its new products launch with a beautiful intimate lunch hosted by model and influencer Vita Sidorkina.  

The venue, Los Fuegos at Faena Hotel, was a trendy restaurant in Miami Beach. It was aesthetically on point, but we still wanted to make it as specific to the brand as possible.  Through white flower arrangements and black and white personalized menus, all the little nuances contributed to the overall ambiance and brand vision.  

At the restaurant,  the lunch kicked off with a presentation by Lendava’s founder, Priscila, where she introduced the brand’s approach and new collection.  Guests enjoyed a three-course lunch, all while experiencing some great photo opportunities with their friends.  

Lunch included Wood Oven Hand-cut Prime Filet Empanada, Prime Angus Skirt Steak, Mediterranian Branzino, Roasted Cauliflower, and Dulce de Leche Flan with Mascarpone Cream, and a premium wine selection. 


Afterwards, the girls played a skincare game guided by the founder to learn and discuss some common myths about skincare. 

Lastly, as a thank you present for coming, each guest was gifted a Lendava’s beautiful box with the new product collection. 

We wanted to give you all a big thank you for following Lendava, from our friends and family that see the behind the scenes to our consumers whose positive reviews motivate us to continue making better skincare products, and ultimately, allow us to host events like these. You too are a part of our Lendava family.

Priscila Fadul, Isabela Grutman, Vita Sidorkina

To everyone that came out to our event, both the familiar faces and the new ones, THANK YOU! We had planned this event with great anticipation so to see these beautiful photos as a result was really rewarding.

Lendava’s lunch at Faena Hotel