The Minimalist Set

Within a world full of trends in skincare, there are endless options and complex products that often contain harsh chemicals or irritating, no-nonsense ingredients.

Lendava was created to simplify the overwhelming category of skincare, by proving that one can experience the complete luxury and benefits of a multi-step skincare routine with just a few savvy selected products.

And this set is the perfect embodiment of that mission, helping you achieve - and maintain - skin’s healthiest state. 

Each product was intentionally formulated with the skin’s best interest at heart, thus benefiting every skin type, gender, and age. Barefaced gently cleans your face without compromising your skin barrier.  Good Morning and Good Night Face Creams offer the ideal combination of ingredients your skin needs morning and evening. Each of them contain the concentration of serums, the hydrators of moisturizers, the nourishments of oils and the gentleness of eye creams. Handsome combines hydration and sun protection for your hands daily journey, and Body Care hydrates and firms your body.

At Lendava, we believe in long-term care for your skin. 

Our formulas contain smart doses of science-driven ingredients which, when used consistently, will reveal – and maintain – your healthiest skin. 

A reminder: Great skin equals Success!