Most Innovative Luxury Skincare Brand

LENDAVA has gone on to receive the Most Innovative Luxury Skincare Brand- Miami, a notable LUXlife award

LUXlife Magazine commits to honoring the very best that the Luxury Lifestyle industry has to offer, celebrating the top performers and service providers across retail, hospitality, travel, beauty, entertainment, and more.

The aim of the Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards 2023 is to recognize the market-leading companies who stand above their competition and provide high-quality luxury products, services, and treatments which an elite clientele appreciate and expect. We undertake a thorough selection process based entirely on merit to ensure that only the most deserving are awarded.

Lendava isn’t just adding more products to the beauty industry. It’s changing the game. Lendava’s line of skincare is curated, perfected, and stripped of the industry’s nonsense. It’s formulated with minimalism in mind, to deliver the best of what your skin needs—and nothing more.

"Priscila Fadul has been a beauty insider for years with top brands like Éstee Lauder, Shiseido, and countless others thanks to her family’s beauty business. She became an engineer and is applying that scientific outlook to an oversaturated industry of brands.

Through this award, Lendava hopes to continue its mission of educating consumers through its blog and on social media, debunking skincare misconceptions, and guiding people to a simpler, better, and cleaner beauty routine.