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Article: Signs your skincare regime is bad for you

Signs your skincare regime is bad for you

Signs your skincare regime is bad for you

by Priscila Fadul


Have you ever wondered if your skincare regime is right for you? There are endless skincare routines out there. How can you tell if yours is working for your skin or against it?

Keep reading to learn the telltale signs your skincare regime is bad and what you can do to fix it.

How to tell if your skincare regime isn’t working

Your body is pretty good at telling you how it’s feeling, your skin especially. If your skincare regime is bad for you, you may notice these signs:

  • Sensitive skin that’s itchy, painful, or stinging
  • Inflamed skin that’s red, irritated, swollen, or peeling
  • Uncomfortable skin that’s dry and feels tight
  • Acne that seems to be getting worse
  • More pronounced wrinkles
  • New sun spots

Ingredients that can spoil a skincare regime

Why isn’t my skincare regime working for me? It’s a hard pill to swallow, but there are a lot of empty promises in the beauty industry. The new product you splurged on may promise great things, but that doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Everyone’s skin is different and what works for someone, may not work for you. Here are some common ingredients that could be harming your skin more than helping.

Fragrances & Essential Oils

Lovely fragrances and essential oils smell great and sell products, but even these organic, natural, and seemingly healthy ingredients should come with a warning label. Fragrances and essential oils are known to be harsh on the skin and can be irritating and allergenic.

Facial Peels

Facial peels and exfoliating acids are something to be careful with too. After use, your skin may feel smooth, but a strong peel will strip your skin of it’s natural microbiome barrier. That leaves it more sensitive to environmental stressors and prone to sun damage.


Ethanol-rich, or isopropanol, products are marketed to be “purifying,” but products rid the skin of its valuable lipids. Lipids are your skin’s natural fat and play a vital role in maintaining the integrity of your protective barrier. Plus, isopropanol increases water loss and dries out the skin.

Benzoyl Peroxide

This harsh chemical is great at killing acne bacteria, but it’s also great at irritating the skin and aging it. Antioxidants are skin-loving ingredients known to fight aging. Benzoyl Peroxide is a strong oxidant - the complete opposite. What’s the point of using antioxidants only to counteract their benefits with Benzoyl Peroxide?

At Home Lasers & Lights

Beware of the beautiful light machines you see. Lesser-grade machines can worsen melasma and age your skin. You’re not a plant, aka you can’t photosynthesize. Therefore, your skin should not be exposed to intense lights! Unless you’re working with an aesthetic professional, steer clear and save your money.

A simple skincare routine that works

In short, the very products you purchase to fight skin concerns may actually be causing them. Thankfully, your skin should show signs that your routine is bad for you.

For better skin, set your sights on the long-game and focus on your skin’s overall health, not quick fixes. If you live a healthy lifestyle and invest your skincare budget into products that preserve your skin’s natural barrier, you’ll find a skincare regime that works for you, forever.

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