Should my face cream have collagen in it?

Should my face cream have collagen in it?

‍Collagen may seem like a buzzword these days, but it’s stacked with skin-loving benefits. Why is collagen important to beauty products, like your face cream? Keep reading to find out.

What is collagen?

Simply put, collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. Collagen is found in the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons. Essentially, collagen is what holds it all together. Think of collagen like a scaffold that provides strength and structure under the skin.

Our body naturally produces collagen but after the age of 30, this production slows down dramatically. As collagen reserves decline we lose the plump, scaffolding that holds our skin tight. As we lose volume in the face and body, the aging process begins.

Environmental stressors like sun exposure and pollution can increase the depletion of collagen, therefore expediting the formation of wrinkles.

Collagen beauty benefits

Collagen has many health benefits including encouraging tissue regeneration, joint and ligament treatments, treating osteoarthritis, and more. Recently, it’s gained traction for its myriad of beauty benefits.

On the beauty spectrum, collagen helps:

  • Improve elasticity of the skin
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Increase blood flow to the skin
  • Tighten the skin to reduce sagging
  • Restore a youthful glow
  • Encourage glowing, plumper skin

Should my face cream have collagen in it?

One word: YES - but focus on peptides. Let me explain.

Beauty products containing collagen are known to stimulate natural collagen production and yield exceptional moisturizing benefits. However, collagen molecules are quite large and often don’t penetrate directly into the skin. That’s why peptides are the next best thing.

Peptides, also a protein, help preserve and boost collagen because they tell your body to do so. According to a leading dermatologist, Erin Gilbert:

“Peptides tell your cells to produce more collagen: one of the major building blocks of the skin. So by applying them directly to your skin, you're telling your body it needs to make more collagen.” - Here's What Dermatologists Think About Polypeptides in Skincare, Byrdie

Skin-loving, well-formulated products peptides work to promote the health of your skin’s natural microbiome. Just ensure that peptides are an active ingredient within your face cream by decoding the beauty ingredient label!

What face cream has collagen and peptides?

In Lendava’s Good Night cream, we offer a formula including Matrixyl 3000 peptides. These high-quality active ingredients stimulate the growth of both new collagen and elastin under the skin’s surface. This maximum-effect night cream combines the power of four products: serum, eye cream, moisturizer and oil.

While you sleep, the cream helps refill wrinkles naturally and reverses glycation damage. In short, it’s all you need to boost collagen production, promote skin health long-term, and wake up with a youthful glow. Learn more about Good Night cream here.