How an Engineer’s Approach Can Help Reshape the Skincare Narrative

In today's fast-paced world, skincare has become all about trends, making it tricky to figure out how to achieve healthy skin. Navigating the skincare industry can be a complex journey. Firstly, the market is saturated with an overwhelming number of products. Additionally, the industry often relies on scientific jargon, making it hard for consumers to understand the ingredients and their effects. Lastly, misleading marketing claims and exaggerated promises make the path to healthy skin seem far from clear.

Most beauty brand owners are either dermatologists, aestheticians, or celebrities (and we know it's bad when all the celebrities join the party, as we've seen happening in the past years in the industry).

But in the sea of beauty products, I think we could benefit from thinking like an engineer when it comes to skincare. Because not all products are created equal, the diverse range of ingredients, formulations, and manufacturing processes can greatly impact the results they deliver. An engineer's way of thinking helps focus on what really works instead of what's popular.

Having spent a lot of time in the industry, I've learned how to tell the difference between products that are just trendy and ones that actually work. My main focus is on effectiveness, figuring out how to mix the right ingredients in the right amounts to make powerful products. 

Skincare should not be a trend. In the crowded world of skincare products, applying an engineer’s mindset helps create skincare products that really stand out and do what they promise for healthy and glowing skin.