Biotechnology Will Ultimately Rule Skincare

Biotechnology, the 'AI' of skincare ingredients, is collaborating with skincare to elevate the beauty industry. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware that 'clean beauty' is a non-FDA-regulated term, leading to a heightened demand for a more streamlined routine with products rooted in science and efficacy. 

Thanks to high-tech innovation, biotechnology is now recreating both natural and synthetic skincare ingredients. 'It's where powerful ingredients meet gentle,' explains Priscila. This collaboration empowers us to create skincare formulations that not only work wonders but also delicately cater to the unique needs of the skin.


Through the use of biotech, formulators fine-tune ingredient structures, mimicking the skin for deeper and more effective absorption. This seamless integration of biotech and skincare isn't just about effectiveness; it also aligns with the growing demand for skin-friendly solutions.

 At Lendava, we prioritize biotech actives in our formulations, and we are currently formulating our next serum to lead the way in biotech beauty. We are dedicated to offering solutions that set new standards in skincare.