5 Skincare Rules That Don't Make Sense

I have studied all skincare rules, and I am breaking the ones that don’t make sense!

Here are 5 skincare rules that seem a bit off:

**1) Foaming Cleansers:**

The idea of using a foaming cleanser is a bit counterintuitive. Foaming is great for washing liquids, not your cleanser. These cleansers can be overly harsh, especially for acne-prone skin. Opt for gentle milk or oil cleansers—they effectively remove makeup and SPF without compromising your skin's balance. 

**2) Sheet Masks:**

People love sheet masks, but with better face creams and serums around, using sheet masks seems a bit unnecessary.


**3) The 'Anti-Aging' Term:**

We hear "anti-aging" all the time, but no cream can turn back time.; at best, it can aid in preventing future ones. Beware of falling for this marketing hype; instead, focus on products with proven ingredients that truly enhance skin health.


**4) Single-Ingredient Formulas:**

Brands on social media love to brag about how much stuff is in their products. But more doesn't always mean better. Higher percentages can lead to sensitized skin. The trend of single-ingredient formulas, initially appreciated for simplicity, has resulted in customers using too many products without proper guidance. Remember, our skin is a highly evolved natural barrier, and simplicity can be more effective than a multitude of strong actives.


**5) Stem Cell Products:**

There's a buzz about stem cell products, but claims that plant stem cells can influence human skin cells are unfounded. Medical research on stem cells pertains to those derived from human tissue, not plant-derived stem cells used in skincare. Plant cells do not impact human skin stem cells.