The Story of Lendava | Meet Priscila



Priscila is an engineer and beauty insider whose family has more than 50 years of experience in the beauty space including retail, duty free and exclusive distribution of top beauty brands such as Loreal, Shiseido, Hermes, Dolce & Gabanna, and others in several countries. For many years, she was surrounded by the industry’s best designer brands and gained access to the world’s most coveted products.
As a beauty insider, Priscila benefited from connecting with industry experts and formulating Lendava products with input from the most experienced chemists.
As an engineer, she based Lendava on science. After all, skincare and science go hand in hand as there are constantly new innovations, ingredients, and research that require ongoing study of how the skin works.

The Launch of Lendava

In an industry of nonstop novelty, all the glitzy trade shows, elaborate brand launches, and diamond-crusted bottles promote crazy new products promising to solve every skincare issue. There is so much conflicting information out there, that the path to healthy skin is far from clear.
Natural or organic—thought to be the best—often contain ingredients that irritate the skin, like trendy oils or extracts that serve no benefit. Traditional skincare brands, especially the leaders, focus on texture over the quality of ingredients. Even “clean” beauty is often dirty.
Priscila was inspired to break this cycle. She wanted to make skincare savvier, easier, and more pleasurable. Knowing that the skin functions by itself, skincare should require less effort and provide maximum effect.

“ The industry has always encouraged us to live in a culture of constant novelty. But, skincare doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s the formula that matters. Research has already identified which ingredients work wonders for the skin and likewise, which can make matters worse. This is true regardless of age, gender, or skin type.” 

In every facet of life, she strived for efficiency. So, Priscila dreamt of skincare that leveraged minimalism but offered superior results. After years of working to differentiate fact from fiction when it comes to skincare, she created Lendava to prove that one can experience the complete luxury and benefits of a multi-step skincare routine without a vast collection of products.

Lendava is the pinnacle of daily skin essentials. Its products are intended to replace the excess steps in a traditional skincare routine by including an ideal combination of science-based ingredients the skin needs daily to achieve—and maintain—its healthiest state. Each of Lendava’s pieces was formulated with the skin’s best interest at heart and designed to be sustainable by using refillable packaging.

“Using less is not just about my skin—it’s also about being responsible. I am a conscious consumer in every aspect of my life. I try to buy less and with more awareness, purchase timeless products, and treat them with love so that they last”.

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