The Story of Lendava | Meet Priscila


Lendava is a skincare brand with the right priorities. We offer an elevated collection of fundamental products featuring formulas of the highest quality with effective ingredients. Lendava is skincare, perfected and stripped of the industry’s nonsense. But this didn’t happen overnight. Lendava is the result of decades of inspiration and years of testing.  

So where did Lendava begin? Read on to learn our story.

Lendava, a place that proves less is more

Based in Slovenia, Lendava is a small town known for its picturesque beauty and simplistic nature. Life in Lendava is simple, but that’s what makes it so remarkable. This is where our founder, Priscila, built her connection and passion for minimalism.

As a young child, Priscila would spend summers in Lendava with her grandfather - her favorite person. He lived in the mountains and taught her that the simple things are what provide the most benefits. His quaint home surrounded by nature and animals with a tablescape of wholesome food are an exhibit of life’s treasures. When did society grow to need more? 

Your skin is your first impression

As she always says, “Your skin is your first impression”. The face is a mirror of what’s going on internally. Youthful, clear skin is the sign of a well-rested, glowing person. For example, stress leads to breakouts. Bad sleep gives you bags. Skin is a reflection of your lifestyle revealing who you are and how you’re feeling.

This mentality isn’t surprising given the fact Priscila’s family has been in the beauty industry for decades. Distributing makeup, skincare and perfumes, Priscila was surrounded by the industry’s top designer brands and gained access to the world’s most coveted products… but that’s where she learned the truth. The clean beauty industry is... dirty.

The clean beauty industry is dirty

It was simple, Priscila was obsessed with skincare. From 9-years-old, she devoted herself to trying every product imaginable. She used the most expensive, most popular products so her skin must be benefitting from the best, right

That’s when she learned the truth.

Priscila started working with the family and dipped her toes into the beauty industry full-time. All the glitzy trade shows, elaborate brand launches, and diamond-crusted bottles promoted products that promised to solve problems. With her degree in Industrial Engineering, Priscila was trained to solve problems. But then, she realized:

The beauty industry “solves” problems that it creates.

The more Priscila spoke to experts, chemists and labs, the more disappointed she became in the very industry that she loved all her life. She pulled back the curtain to learn the beauty industry is riddled with nonsense, false claims, and fiction and it promotes myths about skincare.

For example, a beautiful brand will promote a strong, astringent cleanser that will strip the skin. Then, it will offer a toner to balance the skin’s PH. In reality, your skin would be better off left alone. The brand sells a product with a problem, then sells a product to fix it.

Even the “clean” beauty industry is often dirty. Brands, especially the leaders, focus on texture over the quality of ingredients. Expensive products - thought to be the best - contain ingredients that irritate the skin, like trendy oils or extracts that have no benefit.

With little to no regulations, companies get away with it. Until now.

The launch of Lendava

Priscila was inspired to break this cycle. It had always been a dream of her entrepreneurial spirit to launch a skincare line, but now she was driven with a purpose: to make skincare that prioritized the skin’s true essentials.

In every facet of life, she strives for efficiency. Priscila dreamt of a skincare that leveraged minimalism but offered superior results. Skincare should require less effort and provide maximum effect. Inspired by the simple way of life in Lendava, Priscila gave her line the same name. 

Skincare doesn't need to be complicated. It’s the formula that matters. But, she had to find the perfect one.

Priscila admits labs tried to encourage her to take the easy way out. Offering stock formulas, labs will let you white-label their products to bypass the tedious (and costly) testing phase. But Priscila knew better. She had to start from ground zero to develop an entirely new, better formula. Why? It didn’t exist. 

Lendava’s research began as Priscila interviewed scientists, visited labs, and read chemistry books cover to cover. She performed endless testing, perfected the percentages needed for formulas, and learned the quality and type of each ingredient necessary.

Lendava is the pinnacle of daily skin essentials. It helps all skin types and conditions and is gender-neutral as it forgoes artificial colorings or fragrances. Intended to replace a lengthy and unnecessary skincare regime, Lendava’s two creams provide everything your skin needs on a daily basis.

Slashing a beauty routine’s excess products also align with Lendava’s responsibility to repurpose and reduce waste. Lendava’s orb-shaped containers are refillable and designed to keep for as long as possible.

The future of Lendava

Priscila is now a mother of three. Pregnant with twins, she launched Lendava in mid-2021 and considers all three to be her babies. 

What’s next for Lendava? With only two products, Priscila is often asked if she wishes to extend the line. In the future, she would consider adding “treatments” that would be formulated for use once or twice per week. As for daily products, Good Morning and Good Night are all one needs.

Regardless of what the future holds, Priscila and Lendava have one promise: They will never offer nonsense products - only the best quality, most effective, and conveniently minimal products possible. 

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